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John Valenty

Hi, this is John Valenty, CEO of Earnware Corporation.

I started Earnware back in 1997 after one of my marketing campaigns took off (I mean like… to the moon). The campaign created 500 million in sales in just three years and we needed effective CRM and marketing automation bad. What I needed didn’t exist. I literally had to build it from scratch.

Starting Earnware was my way of organizing and systematizing my own marketing initiatives and helping my entrepreneurial clients and associates to the same.

Well, the unthinkable happened. I fell in love with marketing technology and I put my passions into building systems that solve problems for marketers.

Today, Earnware is focused on what we think is one of the hardest parts of digital marketing–but it’s also one of the most rewarding.

Subscriber list building.┬áIf you’ve ever tried, you know what I mean.

It’s my mission to develop information systems that help people live healthier, happier and more successful lives and I simply love collaborating with ambitious publishers who want to grow their lists faster.

If the topic interests you, please read my strategy blog right here on Earnware. If you think we should connect and do some business together, let’s chat. My contact information is below.

John Valenty

John Valenty

Skype: john.valenty
Mobile: 760-522-1221