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Long Copy vs. Short Copy in Emails

I used to be quite enamored by long copy writers, thinking to myself, they must know something I don’t. Then I came to understand exactly when and why long-copy works, but its place is not in emails.

If you use email copy that’s more than a few evocative headlines, possibly some highly curious intro text and a weapons-grade call-to-action (CTA), you’re using the wrong tool for the job. The email’s job is to get the click. There are no useful email analytics that count for much of anything other than getting the click.

Opens are great too, right? Sure, people open and read newsletters which is fine, but ISPs are looking for click engagement to determine how important your mail is, not just opens. Go for the click, get the click and do your communicating on a webpage.

Email is┬ásimply the worst place to get your content read. When you go for the click, you put the reader on your website, you control the formatting, and you learn what you absolutely must know about the reader’s engagement with your valuable content.

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John Valenty

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John Valenty