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The Problem With Facebook Lead Ads

Contrary to popular belief, the Facebook “ad objective” product called “Lead Ads” is great in theory, but not good for collecting engaged email subscribers. While they are indeed “leads,” there’s nothing about them that resembles subscribers nor even the opportunity to become a subscriber. How so? Read on…

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Lead ads allows Facebook users to subscribe with one-click. It happens so fast and so easily that while you may collect thousands of cheap email addresses quickly, the users tend to be made up of the following groups:

1. Roughly 20% Bots AKA Robots (useless, valueless fraud)

Yes Facebook, you have a massive infection of fake users who subscribe to everything to game the system and gain systematic market intelligence. Facebook’s company culture is not fond of this sort of thing so it will be a matter of time before they clean it up and I’m sure they will.

2. Roughly 50% curious Facebook junkies with the attention span of a gnat

These users live on Facebook, they will check out anything and click whatever button they have to for a quick look at your offer, but their value system isn’t engaging, it’s “seeing” only. The majority of them WILL NOT confirm your welcome letter nor engage with your emails and definitely won’t buy anything.

3. Roughly 30% real prospects

Real prospects may be real, that’s an improvement over robots and junkies, but the problem is that Facebook Lead Ads is too easy for users to subscribe, so they rarely even remember that they did. With the best copy in our history and flawless inboxing, we’ve noticed that only about 20% of these real users will bother engaging with your emails.

In other words, if you use Facebook Lead ads, you’d be lucky to get 10% of the overall leads to engage with your emails. So if you spend .25 cents on a Facebook Lead Ad, and only 10% of your leads are engaging, then 90% of your database will be effectively dead and your effective cost per engaged subscriber will be over $2.50.

What’s the solution?

Set up your Facebook ads to collect real motivated subscribers. Make them manually type in their email address, use Earnware Smart Web Forms, validate subscribers in real-time, make them jump through some hoops and train Facebook’s intelligent algorithm that you only want engaged subscribers who are active with email, selective with their subscriptions, and who are willing to confirm your welcome letter.

As always, if you’d like to discuss this topic further, feel free to connect.

Thanks for reading…

John Valenty

Skype: john.valenty