Link Manager: How to use Click-to-Post

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The Earnware Link Manager can create a special redirect link that can send a contact record to your Earnware Contact Manager with a single click. A common use-case is to buy realtime one-click leads from a fellow publisher — or sell and distribute leads on a cost-per-lead basis.

To start, you’ll need access to the Earnware Links Manager. If you don’t see the option on the left bar of your Earnware account, contact support for access.

  1. Create a link redirect that can be used on any email campaign to send clickers back to your Earnware account.
  2. In the Target Redirect settings, cut and paste the example link below.
  3. Replace the userId with your Earnware account user ID. You can find it in the URL while logged into your Earnware account.
  4. Set the utm_placement and the utm_campaign variables with your own unique values.
  5. The utm values you set will be appended to each contact record posted to your Earnware Contact Manager.
  6. You can trigger an Earnware workflow by filtering for the utm values you set.
  7. Follow the remaining settings below.


  • Target Redirect URL

  • Querystring Setting
    [x] Append Querystring from Redirected Link should be checked
  • Trap Redirect URL
    Set “Trap redirect URL” to any location you want to send non-human traffic.
  • Redirect URL
    Set “redirect URL” subdomain to anything you want.
  • Auto-Fill Earnware-Connect Form Option
    Add the following to the query string variable to the Redirect: ewep=true and add: autofill=”true” to the Earnware Form Short Code.


  1. https://YOUR-LINK/?email=[]&successUrl=
  2. Replace your link, your ESP’s email merge variable, and the successURL which will redirect traffic to your desired location.

For extra help setting this up, check out our step by step screenshot version.