How to Setup A “Click To Post” Link

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Navigate to “Links” and then “Redirects”  

Click “Add”.  Name the link, then select “Redirect” as the Type as seen below.  

2. Insert this link as the Target Redirect URL:

Update with userId and placementId.  This will allow the email address to be posted to your Earnware contacts along with the proper placementId.  


For Trap Redirect URL set to any site you want to send non-human traffic. We like to set this to government sites, or something else, doesn’t really matter.  Remember we are sending the robots here.   

Now we have an API string that allows us to post on click the email address to your Earnware account.  

Make sure to select “Link Doesn’t Expire” and “Append Querystring From Redirected Link” 

We suggest sticking with https:// if your endpoint is secure as the standard way to use these links. If your endpoint is not secure you can use http:// 

Click “Add Link”

Now we have our Redirect link created.  It is the black link at the top. 

3.  To test if this link will send contacts into your Earnware account on click, you need to append the link with the correct merge field from your ESP.  

For Campaigner the merge code is [Contact.Email]   

Take the shortened black link we just created and insert into your browser with a test email address and correct placementId. 

***Full TEST string will look like this***

Press return.  You should be redirected to your intended target url as set, and your test email address should post into your Earnware contacts.  

If your test email shows up in your Earnware contacts it is setup correctly. 

For the live link to be used within your emails, it will look like this for Campaigner.[Contact.Email]&placementId=YOURPLACEMENTID

Please reach out for any questions when creating these links and our team can help clarify if needed.