About Earnware

Established in 1997 by John Valenty

To help businesses grow online.

Today, Earnware serves web publishers with millions of visitors and the advertisers trying to reach them.

Publishing good content is hard enough. Generating thousands of new subscribers daily, tens-of-thousands of daily visitors and making enough advertising sales to manage and grow a web business is even harder. These specialized skills and resources are not generally available for sale. Anyone with the proven abilities to generate subscribers, traffic and revenue (at a profit) just does it for themselves.

Earnware grows its own marquee web enterprises and also partners with great publishers on a revenue sharing basis.

Meet the Team

John Valenty, CEO

Valenty’s mission is to develop information systems that help people live healthier, happier and more successful lives. John enjoys start-up business activities, solving problems, testing new strategies, working with publishers and leading development of new programs and system to automate everything. Valenty also enjoys surfing, martial arts, ice-hockey and other dangerous activities. ​

Rob Greenstein, President

Greenstein is originally a New Yorker, growing up in Queens, graduating with a major in English and moved to California in his late 20’s to chase his entrepreneurial dreams. Greenstein and Valenty met in 1997 and have been working together ever since. Rob runs and grows the company’s publishing, list management and monetization services. Rob is acting Editor-in-Chief, Chief Operations Officer, bass player, vocalist and Team Captain of the company’s official ice hockey team — Icepack.

Keith Garcia, CTO

KG is one bad ass over-achiever, legit musician, crazy smart and freakishly strong too. His Facebook following cannot compete with his XXXXX-of-the-year awards. Fill in the blanks, he wins them all. In 2015 Keith took it to another level and became a living organ donor giving 1/2 his liver to save another. Keith has led Earnware’s senior development team for more than a decade as well as the company sponsored Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu team. Earnware is lucky to have him.