Solutions for Network Marketing

Earnware provides marketing solutions for network marketing organizations that help them grow faster. We help to develop and deploy a complete recruiting and customer acquisition system with Earnware's powerful and intuitive “Virtual Office” as the front and back end.
 “Every successful network marketing organization has achieved its success by having the right recruiting and customer acquisition system.”
– John Valenty, CEO (Earnware Corporation)
Our systems are:
  • Customized
  • Proven
  • Step-by-step
  • Turnkey
  • Duplicatable

We make it much easier to generate and take leads through the sales cycle from start to finish.

A successful system has an effective “front-end” and “back-end.”

The "front end" of your system is everything that your customers and leads will see.

1. Lead Generation (Front End)
  • Co-op advertising and direct marketing:
  • Radio & T.V.
  • Step-by-step
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Ads
  • Internet Ads
2. Separate Toll-free number and website for each ad.
  • Data capture forms and leads are distributed based on who contributed to the ad.
3. Separate (Replicatable) Lead Generating Product & Opportunity Websites:
  • Data capture and qualification forms
  • Autoresponse Emails
  • Automated Voice Messages
  • Information Packs
  • Audio Tapes
  • Flash Presentation

Lead Management (Back End)

The "back end" of your system, Business Center is the "virtual office" that your team will use to organize and manage leads from generation through to the end of the sales cycle.

Leads automatically go into distributor's contact manager, distributor is contacted and follows up on qualified leads.

Distributor has a "virtual office" with:
  • Toll-free Number with "Follow Me"
  • Unified Inbox
  • Calendar/Task Manager
  • Custom Website Editor
  • Custom Data-Capture Fields on Each Website
  • HTML E-mail AutoResponders
  • Online File Storage Training Library
  • HTML E-mail Templates
  • Scripts, Manuals, Document Library
Distributor has personal Toll-Free number with options:
  • Press 1 to hear more about the product pre-recorded audio message (from top leader)
  • Press 2 to hear more about an opportunity to become a distributor
  • Press 3 to receive an information pack
  • Press 4 to be connected with me now
  • Press 5 to be connected with my voicemail

The online library has manuals and scripts on how to do everything from taking calls for products, to following up, presenting the opportunity, handling objections, etc.

The Complete Solution

The systems we develop are complete and step-by-step from lead generation and qualification through to connection for both customer acquisition and recruiting.

We also provide the tools that enable your system to be easily duplicated and executable, step-by-step by your downline.

Solutions, not Technology

Our technology is not designed by programmers; it is designed by some of the most successful network-marketing professionals in the world. This is what makes our solutions so effective.

With an Earnware System in place, success is not likely, it's imminent. Contact us today for a free consultation and needs analysis.