Earnware Business Center

The Earnware Business Center is a web-based system that gives subscribers business class email, calendar & task management, campaigns, custom web forms and marketing automation.
An Earnware Business Center helps people communicate better, sell more and strengthen customer relationships. A Business Center is the web-based user interface that is issued to each subscribing end-user. When the subscriber logs-into their account online, they are logging into Business Center.

Depending on the features or package purchased, the user will have access to different modules from within their Business Center. See a list of available modules and features below.

Personal E-mail Address

With your Business Center account, you get your own customized e-mail address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Using the Business Center inbox is far more powerful, easy-to-use, and efficient than standard e-mail engines such as Microsoft Outlook.

Earnware Universal Inbox

Professionals at all levels rely on Business Center to manage incoming and outgoing phone, fax, and e-mail communications in one simple, secure web-based system. Business Center was created to handle and sort thousands of inbound messages for single users and modern business teams.

Benefits Include:
  • Unify all your voice, fax, and e-mail messaging in one online location.
  • Retrieve your voice messages right over the Internet for free!
  • Voice, fax, or e-mail broadcast to any group of contacts with the touch of a button.
The benefits of your Business Center e-mail address include:
  • Access Your E-mail From Anywhere (No More Need for Microsoft Outlook)
  • Manage Your Inbox With Rules
  • POP3 For Other E-mails Addresses
  • Manage as Many E-mail Addresses as You Want
  • Share Folders With Other Members

Earnware Contact Manager

The Business Center Contact Manager stores all the vital information on your colleagues, clients, vendors and prospects. This powerful CRM/Contact Manager is efficient and easy to use, not like most CRM systems that look like an airplane cockpit.

Benefits Include:
  • Share contact information with other members
  • Business Center tracks and builds a complete history of all your voice, fax, e-mail, events, tasks and other transactions associated with every contact
  • Create Custom Contact Fields
  • Run & Store Queries on your Contact Manager
  • Set Events, Tasks, Reminders, and Send Messages From Within Each Contact Record

Earnware Planner

Business Center includes everything you need to manage appointments for yourself and your team members.
Business Center empowers you to be more productive with your time.

Benefits Include:
  • Check the Schedules/Availability of Other Team Members
  • Send/Receive Event Invitations
  • Responses to Event Invitations Are Recorded in Your Planner in real-time
  • Receive Event Reminders on Your Cell Phone and in Your Inbox
  • Associate Events With Contacts Records

Earnware File Manager

Business Center gives you a place to store your important files online. You'll have access to your files from anywhere.

Benefits Include:
  • Access to Your Files From Anywhere
  • Online Storage Space
  • Create and Share Folders With Other Team Members
  • Folder Rights Management
  • Forward Files as Links (Not Attachments)
  • Allow Links to Expire After a Certain Date