Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We grew from 30,000 visitors per month to over 130,000 per day developing useful, search friendly content on our horizontally scalable publishing platform.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of making a website so search engine friendly that it comes up near the top of the search results for specific keywords against thousands of other competitors. The Earnware SEO team has achieved top 5 rankings for more than 500,000 keywords and phrases.

The purpose of SEO is to get more website traffic for the lowest possible cost.

Search engine optimized sites generate traffic which is considered "organic" or grown whereas pay-per-click, SEM or CPM advertising is considered "paid" and purchased.

While SEO's organic traffic and paid campaigns both require a start-up investment, there are advantages and disadvantages to both:

Organic SEO driven traffic can take several weeks or even months to develop, but once you have it, it can last for years with very low maintenance costs. It is considered the superior form of traffic as a site can often earn a far greater profit against the development and maintenance costs over the course of a year.

Paid traffic SEM traffic can be turned on right away; however, it has to be run constantly and there is much less residual benefit. The longer you run a PPC campaign the higher up your ad positions can go. As competitors fall out, you can take their place. This is also a disadvantage as once you stop a paid campaign, you can lose your positioning to another competitor and be back to square one.

Developing a search friendly website can require programming, design and content changes which does not happen overnight. But, once you have a search-friendly structure in place, you own it and the maintenance costs are minimal as compared with any form of paid advertising. Earnware can help make your website as search friendly as possible so you can earn more traffic and profits than you ever thought possible. Contact us anytime for a free quote.