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A Keyword Density Tool helps writers determine if the purpose or theme of their content will be understood by a search engine. While truly effective search optimization requires great content, the search engines use keyword density to determine the main topic or theme of the content to properly target and rank it.

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The most obvious way for search engines to understand the topic or theme of the article is to identify repeating words or phrases that appear more often on the page, thus the density compared to other words on the page.

If writers are too creative and never really explain purpose of the article in plain language, the search engines may not be able to properly categorize or include the content in any important search results.

Earnware developed its Keyword Density Tool to solve 3 main problems:
  • 1. We wanted a keyword density tool that could analyze text that was not yet published on the web or published on a website all from the same tool.
  • 2. We wanted a keyword density tool that would report the density single and multiple word phrases and separate them for easier viewing.
  • 3. We wanted a keyword density tool that would analyze whether the title and first 100 words of the page also had the optimal keyword density.

By the way, this article is 3.16% dense for the phrase: keyword density tool.

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